Instrumentation and Monitoring

Whether movement is planned, through processes like surcharging, or unplanned, like subsidence above mining, not knowing is not an option.  Urkkada can design, install, and monitor instrumentation systems to suit your project.

With over two decades of experience, Urkkada can execute monitoring designs for contractors in bid-build projects, or design a monitoring suite that will suit your design-build requirements. From simple daily surveying monitoring programs, all the way up to web-hosted, real-time monitoring of remote sites. Whether your project requires monitoring of settlement of surcharges, Support of Excavations through tie-back and strut monitoring, or remote-access railway settlement systems, Urkkada can deliver. Our MTO High Complexity rating means we can be counted on to deliver the system that your project needs.


Noise and vibration from construction project are a growing concern in urban environments. Not only are citizens more aware of the impact, but infrastructure owners are also becoming more cognizant of the vibration impact on their structures. Most designs require monitoring of existing structures during piling, hoe ramming, and tunneling. Many pipeline operators issue special requirements with crossing permits, which require direct vibration monitoring of their pipeline.

Urkkada can work with your organization to plan and execute a noise and vibration monitoring system. We have experience in long-term, remote monitoring, existing infrastructure, such as bridges, buildings, and sewers, as well as specialized on-site monitoring, such as vital or high priority pipelines.

Trenchless and tunneling technologies allow modern infrastructure to be built while minimizing the impact on the public-at-large. Although these technologies are highly developed and settlement is unlikely with experienced staff, monitoring is an essential part of confirming the quality of the work. It provides the confirmation to the owner, designer, and the public that everything is proceeding as intended. Urkkada has worked on small HDD projects all the way up to 6 metre diameter, multi-kilometre tunnels.